Living through Screens

Recently, I've noticed myself spending more time on screens. I do it in passing moments, to fill up gaps in time with entertainment, articles, or educational videos. It seems harmless enough. But I also started reading the philosopher Owen Barfield, who writes about humanity's connection with nature. According to him, human conscience originated from the... Continue Reading →

The Revolutionary Beatitudes

The opening to the Sermon on the Mount is often read like a red letter appendix to the Ten Commandments: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Blessed are... Continue Reading →

Obedience and the Father

The Story Jesus was teaching in the Temple when, as the story goes, a crowd barged onto the scene, interrupting Jesus in the middle of His lesson. They were Pharisees of all ages, their faces bearing expressions of rage and righteous indignation, and they had come to test the Teacher. They had a woman with... Continue Reading →

God’s Character in Disaster

In times of disaster God's motivations can become hazy. Whether our disaster is personal or on a broader scale, our human imaginations can fall into two errors of thinking about God in the midst of it. When the storm strikes, we can be tempted to see God as a hardened architect of doom, hurling troubles... Continue Reading →

A Daily Baptism

Living as a Christian is hard. It requires loving Someone invisible with all your being, transforming from one way of life into another, and finding the answers to the hardest questions of our lives in Jesus. It isn't easy to go from "of this world" to not while still living in the world and seeking... Continue Reading →

One Team, One Body

In 2012 a controversy rocked Kansas City. The home team, the Kansas City Chiefs, had been performing poorly that year, and the Chiefs' dedicated fans were frustrated. As the season drew on, criticism mounted about the Quarterback Matt Cassel's performance, until one game the tension came to a head. One fateful mid-season game, Cassel was... Continue Reading →

The Why’s of Confession

Have you ever confessed to a brother or sister in Christ that you messed up, or brought a sin you committed before God? Whether or not confession has been a common part of your spirituality, it’s a tool that God has given to all people so that we can live in the freedom from sin... Continue Reading →

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