One Team, One Body

In 2012 a controversy rocked Kansas City. The home team, the Kansas City Chiefs, had been performing poorly that year, and the Chiefs' dedicated fans were frustrated. As the season drew on, criticism mounted about the Quarterback Matt Cassel's performance, until one game the tension came to a head. One fateful mid-season game, Cassel was... Continue Reading →

The Why’s of Confession

Have you ever confessed to a brother or sister in Christ that you messed up, or brought a sin you committed before God? Whether or not confession has been a common part of your spirituality, it’s a tool that God has given to all people so that we can live in the freedom from sin... Continue Reading →

The Lust for the First Place

So much of my struggles in my faith have revolved around my discontent with where my life has me. Again and again I find myself chasing the possessions, positions, and relationships that others have, and when I get a little bit I still need just a little bit more. I get caught into what Ecclesiastes... Continue Reading →

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