The Lust for the First Place

So much of my struggles in my faith have revolved around my discontent with where my life has me. Again and again I find myself chasing the possessions, positions, and relationships that others have, and when I get a little bit I still need just a little bit more. I get caught into what Ecclesiastes... Continue Reading →

The Invitation in Existence

If you’re reading this blog post right now, you are existing. It’s basic but perplexingly profound. We often ask why we exist, but do you ever stop to consider how? Right now, based on the most current particle physics (or at least my understanding of it) trillions upon trillions of diverse, pulsating energy fields are... Continue Reading →

How Joseph Heard the Impossible

Joseph had a problem. Hours of conversations between families, years of planning, so many hopes and expectations had just burst in exasperation. His fiancé was pregnant. He had thought she was an upstanding girl. He had even thought she loved him. And he had loved her, but now he didn’t know what to feel. She... Continue Reading →

It Cannot Be Diminished

Have you ever worried that you could make a decision that would hinder the plan of God for you? Or have you been concerned that something you're struggling with might keep Him from moving in a situation? I have. These are fears that most people struggle with at some point. In a world where pretty much  everything usually seem... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Feast

A few days ago, my uncle was driving through town, and he treated me to a fabulous multi-course meal at the nicest steakhouse in town. There were onion rings, fried sushi, salad greens with bleu cheese, chicken fried venison in brown butter caper sauce, and an array of desserts to choose from. The meal kept... Continue Reading →

Pray Without Ceasing

Almost every day I worry I don’t pray enough. I daily look back at my morning time with Jesus and wish that I had found more to pray for, and more passion to pray with. It often feels like prayer is a burdensome discipline to keep, especially in settings when it’s just God and me.... Continue Reading →

Watching and Waiting

In the third chapter of Ezekiel, God appoints the prophet to be a watchman in his generation. Beginning in verse 17, God spells out the terms of Ezekiel's calling: Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. If I say to the wicked, "You shall surely die," and you... Continue Reading →

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